Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands Aurora, CO

The long wait is finally over as the Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands is now OPEN! 

The Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands held their Grand Opening event over this past weekend.

To help celebrate the event food was provided by the We/Chef Kitchen food truck. To add to the festivities, music and a kids jump castle were available for everyone to enjoy before and after touring the facility. 

Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands Grand Opening Event Aurora, CO

This wonderful new facility is located in The Wheatlands neighborhood at 6100 S. Kewaunee Way Aurora, CO 80016 located in SE Aurora, CO.

The Wheatlands residents have been very excited for this project to be completed for quite some time.

The YMCA is something that all the surrounding areas will be able to enjoy as well. 

After being welcomed by the friendly YMCA staff I was able to get a guided tour through this impressive new facility.

My first stop was to see the Child Watch facility. The highly trained YMCA staff  are available if you need someone to watch your young children while you workout.  Child Care Facility at the Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands Aurora, CO

Our next stop took us to see the vast cardio section. What impressed me was the quality of the workout equipment. They feature Matrix cardio equipment including multiple, treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, stair climbers just to name a few. 

The also featured the popular E Gym equipment that people were very excited about. 

There was a wonderful selection of Matrix Strength Training Equipment to choose from. If you prefer free weight training, you're in luck. They offer an extensive amount of free weights and bar bells to choose from. 

Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands Weight Room Facility

The tour continued with some of Group Specialty Classed offered by the YMCA. If you're into step aerobics or yoga they have your covered. They also have a Cycling Studio with spin bikes  You can take their classes or just go at your own pace. 

Aurora Family YMCA at The Wheatlands Pool and Specialty Training Rooms Facilities

I was impressed to see the Pilates Reformer Studio which is something you don't  see in most gyms. Our last stop was to see the massive indoor lap pool and locker rooms. The YMCA offer swim lessons and also host some of the area youth swim meets. 

The YMCA offers several different membership levels that will work for most everyone's situation. 

If you're interested in exploring some of the amazing housing nearby to this impressive new facility, Please contact us.

We would love to show  around.