Should I Wait Or Should I Buy Now? 

That is the question many of today's buyers are wrestling with. Soarning prices, inflation and steep competition have some buyers feeling hopeless. Many have given up on purchaseing a home. By waiting to purchase your home you risk prices and interest rates climbing which will hurt your chances of being able to get the home you want. 

Cost of Waiting To Buy A Home

Lets take a look at the cost of  waiting to buy a home. As you can see in the chart, what you could afford last year you may not be affordable this year. If the market continues to be strong what you could afford today may be out of reach next year. 

Interest rates have been at record lows for several years and are not forcasted to stay this low much longer. Couple that with the skyrocketing home values we have experienced over the past few years, you may end up losing out on your dream home simply by waiting. 

If you tried to purchase your home earlier in the year but were not successful, purchasing your home outside of the peak selling season may give you a competitive edge.

Purchasing today assures you that you may be able to be in your home before Christmas! 

Having an experienced Realtor and lender guiding you makes all the difference. Contact us today so we can help make your dream of home ownership a reality!