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Ready When You Are...

Right now, it feels like things keep changing from one minute to the next. That makes it hard to predict what will happen with real estate tomorrow, and even harder to know what might happen a year from now. In times like these questions abound - mortgage rates are historically low, but is it worth it to refinance? Is it really still a good time to buy? What is my home worth now?

I wanted to reach out to let you know I’m available to answer any questions you might have during this time of uncertainty: whether it’s about buying, selling, refinancing or if you’re just curious about the state of the market. I have the technology and experience to help you navigate a rapidly evolving market, and I can connect you to mortgage professionals who are prepared to create a plan for you.

Be it today, tomorrow, or six months from now, I’m prepared to offer you dedicated, extraordinary service when you’re ready.
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Scott Beard
Managing Broker/Owner
Denver Realty Pro LLC
Mobile: 720-935-9406