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You've started your home buying search and are dreaming big – so now you need to take the next steps to make sure you can realize that goal. Now is the time to do your research and find the financing options for a home that will work best for you.

"Even if you're in the “just thinking about it” stage, it's a good idea..."

Even if you're in the “just thinking about it” stage, it's a good idea to speak with a few lenders about your financing options and receiving a pre-qualification for a mortgage. When you choose to become pre–qualified, you will provide some basic information about your financial situation to a lender over the phone or online.

Here is a helpful Financing Road Map that shows each step from your initial conversation to closing. 

Pre–qualification is useful for making preliminary decisions about how much home you can afford, but importantly it does not assess your creditworthiness. When you are ready to start looking at homes with me in person, you will want to become pre–approved for a loan.

Speaking with lenders during the pre–qualification process will help you start the mortgage shopping process. Denver Realty Pro works with some of the best lenders across the Denver Metro Area.  Let us connect you so you can start the first big step toward home ownership. 

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